Hi welcome, if you’re looking for help with Driving Test Nerves using hypnosis, you’ve come to the right place. I’m Fred Corbett,  i’ am an expert in helping people to be more calm, confident and relaxed, as well as being one of the most experienced driving instructor with over 30 years helping people to achieve the standard to get  their full licence.

Why do you feel nervous? What consequences do you fear? Is it for your safety on the road? If it is don’t worry, you’re in a dual controlled car with a professional Driving Examiner.

They know how to deal with you and any mistakes you may make.

Maybe your stem from the fear of failing your test, you’ll let your family and friends down. Don’t tell them.

In some people exams of any sort can cause nerves and anxiety top rise. If this is you then put your  Driving Test in context.

It’s a lot easier to retake a Driving Test than it is your GCSE’s or A – Levels. The main loss of failing a test is financial, several more lessons and the cost of a second test.


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